Bits: Party Weekend.

This weekend we went to the 2nd birthday party for one of Tom’s best friends, Maxine.

Maxine’s parents are some of our greatest friends and we were so happy to be included in the festivities.

It was a “teddy bear picnic” theme and it was totally adorable!

Victoria just had Maxine’s baby sister a couple weeks ago, so the fact she also put together such a fabulous party just proves she’s kind of a superwoman.

The activity for the kids was they were able to stuff their own bear and then decorate a shirt for them.

How cute of an idea is that?

Here’s how it looked…

Victoria, Maxine and Maxine’s cousin, Olivia!

Shy cowboy.

Party animal.

Tom enjoying his picnic lunch.

Tom showing/taunting Crosby with his newly stuffed teddy bear.

And when we got home, guess who Baby Alice got to meet?

This girl!

Alice finally got to meet her mom’s super cool/super tan friend, Robyn!


Alice loved her.

(As do we all.)

And then I made my kids pose for about 23 photos before deciding the very first one I took was the best…

Turns out I didn’t need to tell Tom to “stop covering your face!” and “Smile!” and “I’ll give you a million dollars if you just smile!”

(Sorry, Tom.)

((Also? I don’t have a million dollars.))

Hope y’all have a great week! LOVE.

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5 Responses to Bits: Party Weekend.

  1. waymel says:

    Emma: “Did Aunt Robyn have a baby?!?!?”

  2. Robyn says:

    I didn’t think I looked that tan! It was so nice to visit – Alice and Tom are both so sweet.

    Emma – hahahahahaha.

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks so much for coming and spoiling Maxine. We loved having you there. Tom is a wonderful friend to Maxine

  4. Kristina says:

    It was so good to see you at the party! I love that picture of Tom with Crosby.

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