Bits: Super Why Weekend.

This weekend we took Tom to the see the live Super Why show.

Super Why is yet another show on PBS.

(Apparently our summer will be spent seeing all PBS shows in their live glory.)

I wasn’t too sure how Tom would do, seeing as “sitting still in a seat” is not his strong point.

I don’t think he’s ever done it before.

But he did really great.

He and the kid next to us loved that the seats flipped up, so they banged those seats up and down about 573 times before the show started.

Once the show started he would go from being completely into it, to ready to “go home?” every few minutes, but he really only asked that a few times.

He did really well and I was super impressed.

I didn’t take my camera, so you’re stuck with one really not-so-awesome photo to prove we attended.

You can’t tell he loved it? He did.

And afterward, we took him to our favorite frozen yogurt shop…

You can tell he loved it? Totally did.

It was a fun evening of just us with our little man.

(Alice had fun partying at home with her Mimi.)

((Thanks, Mimi!))

The rest of the weekend was spent doing laundry.

(I didn’t take pics.)

But I did take this one…

Tom thought Alice wanted to wear my necklace.

He was right.

Hope y’all have a great week!! LOVE!

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1 Response to Bits: Super Why Weekend.

  1. Robyn says:

    Alice is so happy!

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