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You Spin Me Right Round.

Alice is now big enough to play in her Exersaucer. (Ahhh! Stop growing! Seriously!) Alice loves it. But Tom loves it more. Why? Because he can spin his sister around and around and around and around and infinity or until … Continue reading

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Tom Love.

“I love sharks.” “And fish.” “And trash.” “And beans.” “Wow, Tom,” I said.  “That’s a lot of things!  Do you love me?” “Yep.” Whew. So glad he loves me. Me and trash.

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Bits: Firefighting Weekend.

I have yet to figure out how to blog as a stay-at-home mom of two children whose husband is out of town for business. I just use every “alone” moment to…sleep! But Kev is home again so I’m catching up. … Continue reading

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Hello, Alice.

You know how my friend, Beth, recently created a scrapbooking project using photos of Tom? Well…she did it again, except this time she used photos of baby girl! Here is the link to Alice’s book: Thank you again, Beth, … Continue reading

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Five Months.

Alice turned 5-months-old on Monday. Doesn’t that seem like lies? It’s not. Every month I do a little photo shoot with her to document her cuteness, and so I can put the pics in photo albums I haven’t even started … Continue reading

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Poop Cleaner.

Just in case you thought being a stay-at-home mother was a thankless job… “Good job cleaning the poop, Mommy!” Tom told me that last night after he had a little mishap in the tub. He also wanted to show the … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Alice’s favorite snack? Toes. And entire feet.

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