Bits: Pool With Family Weekend.

This weekend my parents and two of my aunts came up to the Atlanta-area to go to the “American Idol” concert.

So Rach and I took advantage of their hotel pool.

And family time, of course!

Here’s how it looked…

Jumping on the hotel bed!

Tom loved this so much, it was really hard to convince him to go swimming. And now that we’re home, it really hard to convince him not to jump on everything. He’s a jumping nut these days!

Grandma and Matilda.

Gus and his pretty mommy.

Playing in the puddles!

Alice meeting her great-aunt Sheri!

Snack break.

Alice enjoying her own snack break with great-aunt Mary!

PawPaw and Gus.



Totally tuckered.

It was the best day and such a wonderful visit!

We’re so lucky to have such a fun and awesome family.

Hope y’all have a good week! LOVE.

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