I’ve been trying to do crafts with Tom for a long time.

I love crafts.

A lot.

And I always thought doing crafty things with your kids was a given.


Tom is a very active little boy and doing crafts is just not something he thinks is super awesome.

I know he’s still little, but I’ve kept trying.

And lately, he’s done it!

It has to be something really geared toward him (trains) and it has to be something that will take less than 5 minutes — but he’ll do it!

And I think what I love most about them is that after he’s done, he actually plays with them.

Basically, he wants to hurry up and finish so he can chase me with it and destroy it.

Because that’s what crafting is all about.

Here’s what we’ve worked on lately…

I modeled this craft after the book “Freight Train” by Donald Crews. I cut out all the train cars and then let him stick them to the tracks in the order they’re shown in the book. He really, really loved this. We’ve done it multiple times now and he just thinks it’s the best!

I wouldn’t let him play/destroy it until his Dad could see it. So, two minutes after his Dad had walked through the door, the train was in shambles. He thought it was awesome. (And it was.)

On a rainy day we painted a rain cloud and then spelled his name from raindrops. This is his most favorite craft that hasn’t completely been ruined. He loves, loves to chase me with this!

And he knows how to spell his name.

Unless I ask him to do it to prove it to someone.

Then he has no idea what I’m talking about.

I liked this one because he colored the octopus and then drew “snakes” all around it. And he told me there was a “Daddy snake” and a “baby snake” on this photo. Boys!

This alligator definitely chases me or his Daddy on a daily basis. He chomps at us, too. In a friendly way, I’m sure…

So we’ve been keeping busy and his craftiness has been keeping our house messy and colorful.

Just like I always thought it would.

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3 Responses to Crafty.

  1. Nicole says:

    Those are great crafts. I love the train idea! And by the way, I totally know what you mean about getting a child to show off-never works!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I love these! so crafty!

  3. othervixie says:

    Those are great crafts. Great job mom

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