On A Roll.

Last week, Alice started gearing up to roll over.

All day last Saturday, she kept doing a half-roll.

She’d get all the way on her side, and then roll back onto her back.

And we’d praise her for being close to rolling over, because we’re all about positive reinforcement here.


She’s really cute.

See for yourself…

And here she is in action…

After all of that practicing, Sunday morning she was in bed with me (that’s another blog story) and…


She rolled from her back to her tummy!

I was so thrilled, so happy, so shocked!

My baby!! So accomplished!!

I couldn’t wait for her to show Kevin.

So I took her upstairs and asked her to please do it again.


Do it! I demanded sweetly.


As the week wore on, not only did she not do it again, she didn’t even attempt it again.

She’s over it.

She tried it and decided it’s lame.

And she’s happy with her decision.

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2 Responses to On A Roll.

  1. Robyn says:

    I love her eyes – so pretty!

  2. othervixie says:

    Go Alice go!

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