You Spin Me Right Round.

Alice is now big enough to play in her Exersaucer.

(Ahhh! Stop growing! Seriously!)

Alice loves it.

But Tom loves it more.


Because he can spin his sister around and around and around and around and infinity or until Mom says, “Tom, that’s enough spinning. She’ll spit up on you!”

(Side note: Tom calls Alice’s spit-ups “spills.” As in, “Mom! Alice spilled!! Yuck!”)


Is it awesome to have a big brother who will spin you until you spill?

You can tell me later.

(He’s playing peek-a-boo with her here. He’s a multi-tasking game player. A sweet one.)

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2 Responses to You Spin Me Right Round.

  1. Kristina says:

    That is just precious! He such a great big brother! Miss you guys! XOXO

  2. othervixie says:

    Too cute. He is so good with Alice

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