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Sleeping With Alice.

I think Alice waited until we told everyone we know that she was a “good sleeper” before she started to become a bad sleeper. Since she was born, she’s loved sleeping. She slept a lot. A lot, a lot. She … Continue reading

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Bit: Pool With Friends Weekend.

This weekend our friends, Beth and Joe, invited us and our other preschool friends over to their pool for a cookout. It was a blast! Tom has this thing right now where when we’re headed out to the pool, he … Continue reading

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On A Roll.

Last week, Alice started gearing up to roll over. All day last Saturday, she kept doing a half-roll. She’d get all the way on her side, and then roll back onto her back. And we’d praise her for being close … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Tom.

A friend of mine from high school, Beth, is a scrapbooking artist. I know nothing about the scrapbooking world at all — but I do know that Beth is pretty awesome in it. A few weeks ago she asked if … Continue reading

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Overwhelming Stress.

Last week was really hard for me. I think that since I’ve had Alice, I’ve had one really difficult week about once a month. I just want to put that out there so you guys know that the majority of … Continue reading

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Toots And Burps.

*Tom burps* Me: “What was that, Tom?” Tom: “A toot came out of my mouth!” Laughing me: “Oh, well when a toot comes out of your mouth it’s called a burp!” *Two minutes later, Tom toots* Tom: “Mommy! A burp … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to do crafts with Tom for a long time. I love crafts. A lot. And I always thought doing crafty things with your kids was a given. But…no. Tom is a very active little boy and doing … Continue reading

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