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Bits: Dinosaur Park Edition.

On Friday our playgroup met at a new park and it was quite awesome. Caney Creek Preserve had water features for the kids, a huge sandbox and DINOSAUR FOSSILS. I cannot tell you how much Tom loves dinosaur fossils. It’s … Continue reading

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It’s a bit chilly outside in the mornings these days (yay!) so when I went for a walk this morning, my arms were cold. Me: “Tom, my arms are so cold.  Want to feel them?” Tom: “Wow, Mommy!  Your arms … Continue reading

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Have Fun With Your Friends!

The way we “sell” preschool to Tom is to tell him he’s going to have fun with his friends. I think he really likes school, but on the days he’s supposed to go he’s always saying he wants to, “Stay … Continue reading

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Baby Bird.

I caught Alice’s baby bird noise on camera and I’m so happy I did. She really does make this noise all the time, and loves it if you do it back. Hysterically, Tom *tries* to do it back, but just … Continue reading

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Alice At Six Months.

Here are some outtakes from Alice’s 6-month shoot this morning with Mommy. She is such a little ham! And this little ham? Likes to eat the props. Look what you did, Alice! And here’s my favorite… LOVE!

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Six Months.

My baby girl is 6-months-old today. I can’t believe it! Time has flown with this child. I remember when Tom turned 6-months-old and I thought, “Finally!” This time I’m thinking, “What?” Alice is delightful. She is calm. She is laid-back. … Continue reading

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Up The Wall.

Me: “Tom.  You are driving me up the wall!” Tom: “No.  I can’t drive.  I can’t go up the wall, it’s too slippery.  It’s a tall mountain.  I can’t do that.” *Then he walks over to it and pushes on … Continue reading

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Bits: Sick Weekend.

This is the weekend Tom gets sick every year. How do I know? Because this is his friend, Maddie’s, birthday weekend. Every. Year. We have yet to make it to her party, even though we RSVP every time! So Saturday … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name Is Mommy.

Me: “Tom? What’s Daddy’s name?” Tom: “Ke-bin!” Me: “That’s right! Do you know what my name is?” Tom: “Mommy!” Me: “What’s my other name?” *Tom thinks* Tom: “It’s Mommy!” Totally. Right.

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Matilda helped “babysit” Alice for me while I pulled Tom up and down the driveway in a wagon. She took it very seriously and did a wonderful job. Alice loved it. After this, while Tom and Matilda were playing and … Continue reading

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