First Day Of Preschool.

I really debated and went back-and-forth about whether or not to sign Tom up for preschool this year.

A part of me thought he would really love it, and that it would be good for him to begin learning about a school atmosphere now.

And another part of me thought, “I DON’T WANT MY BABY TO GROW UP AND LEAVE ME FOREVER!”

Because when you put your child into 2-year-old preschool, you immediately begin thinking about them going off to college.

(If you’re me.)

So I had to decide between what I thought was best for him and what I thought was best for me.

I chose what I thought he’d like best — and that was school.

The preschool we chose is small and it’s at our church.

He’ll go two days a week for only a few hours, and he’ll be able to run and play outside twice a day during those days.

(That was important to me — seeing as he is the most active child ever.)

When they are inside, they have a storytime and they’ll do some type of craft.

They’ll have themed activities throughout the year.

They’ll have little school parties on the holidays.

It’s just — an teeny-tiny introduction to school.

Showing off his lunchbox.

His first day was Thursday.

I woke up with an upset stomach.

I wasn’t sick.

I was nervous.

Kevin was out of town on business, so it was up to me to make school sound super awesome and not like it was the gateway to him LEAVING ME FOREVER.

I talked to him about his friends, and about how they had that train-that-causes-meltdowns there.

I packed his lunch.

I got his bookbag ready.

And then Alice and I took him to school.

He’s got his bag, his lunch and his smile ready to go!

I walked him into the classroom and he immediately spotted another boy playing with a toy train and some cars, so he sat down next to him.

I told Tom that I was leaving, but that I would be back to pick him up soon.

“Okay, Mommy,” he said, without glancing up.

I said again that I was leaving, and that he would stay there with his friends and that I loved him very much.

No response.

“Tom, I’m leaving now.  Bye-bye,” I said.

“Bye, Mommy,” he said.

And then I left as he sat on the floor playing trains with his new friend.

And then Alice and I cried in the car.

I was sad about Tom.

She was sad because getting in her carseat is a pain.

Then we went to Target.

Then I got home and just kind of — waited.

I didn’t know what to do!

Alice didn’t want to nap (of course!) so I just kind of…hung out and watched the clock.

Finally!  It was time to get him.

When we arrived, Tom had just escaped the classroom and was running down the hall.

“Mommy!  You came back!  I lost you!!  I missed you SO much,” he said as he grabbed onto my leg.

And then my heart totally burst.

He had a great time.

He was covered head to toe with hot pink playdoh.

“What did you do today,” I asked.

“Nuffin,” he said.

And so it begins…

Once we got home, I interviewed him about his day.

Wanna hear Tom say, “Yep!” 10 times in a row?

It’s your lucky day!

Do I think he’s going to love school?


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6 Responses to First Day Of Preschool.

  1. Victoria says:

    Love that he had a great time. I was thinking about you both all day

  2. Kristina says:

    He is just adorable! I am glad it went so well for Tom! Don’t worry I cried like crazy as well!

  3. Julie-Ann says:

    I am so excited that he loved school! Maddie’s 1st day is tomorrow. I will totally have to steal your interview idea. You have the best ideas – so I am stealing them!

  4. Nicole says:

    Glad he had a good time. I totally know what you mean about just waiting and watching the clock while anticipating the time you can pick them up!

  5. redkeeney says:

    Aw, he loved it. Growing up so fast!

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