Bits: Farm Weekend.

My parents have some land with a stocked pond and a little house about 45 minutes from their house.

We’ve always called it “The Farm”, but when I told Tom that’s where we were going, he immediately started talking about all the animals that would be there.

So then I told him we were going to “The Lake” and I’ll try to remember to call it that.

Whether it’s the The Farm or The Lake — Tom loved it.

A lot of my extended family came out too, so it was just one, big, happy, sweaty weekend.

Here’s how it looked…

My mom made and put up these signs for her grandchildren. LOVE.


Hot dog.

“Mom? I want to sit on this bench right here.”

Sometimes photos make my heart melt. This is one of those kind.

Puff Baby sleeping on a swing. Another heart melter.

Daddy teaching Tom how to fish. My heart is a big ole blob.



“I can see ’em!”

Alice “learning” to fish, too.


Meeting her great-aunt Peggy!

Playing in Peggy and Jim’s RV with cousins, Ali and Dargan. (He loved this. A lot.)

Reading books with Grandma.

Taking a nap on Grandma. Alice loves Grandma. (Obviously!)

Tom’s leaf collection, including one leaf that had “eyes”, according to Tom. (It totally does.)

Picking berries that you better not eat.

Cricket-hunting with cousin, Hattie.


We had a wonderful weekend.

My mom was a wonderful hostess, and seeing all of our family and cousins was just the best.

Tom had the best time.

When we were halfway home, Tom said, “I want to go back. I want to go back to Grandma’s!”

And Alice said, “Waaahh!” which I believe means the same thing.

So we’ll be back.


As soon as it’s cooler.

Hope y’all have a good week! LOVE.

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4 Responses to Bits: Farm Weekend.

  1. Kristina says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Love the names of the grandchildren! So cute! XOXO

  2. Victoria says:

    Looks like a fabulous time! Love the picture of Tom and huck

  3. redkeeney says:

    Yeah, the pic of Tom and Huck is my favorite. So cute.

  4. My mom would have had a stroke with Tom so close to the water and no one holding on to him!

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