Alice Tries Apples.

When I took Alice to her 4-month checkup, my doctor asked if Alice was acting interested in my food.

She wasn’t.

And because my sweet Alice is in the 90% for weight — the doc said not to worry about starting her on “real” food yet.

A week after that appointment, Alice was trying to throw herself at my plate.

So last week I bought a couple jars of starter baby food — apples, sweet potatoes and peas.

I don’t know why I started with the food instead of the rice cereal — but I suspect it has something to do with the little baby food jars being so cute.

Anyway, we started with apples.

With hilarious results.

My little baby girl can pucker up her mouth with the best of them.

And what she really wanted?

To chomp on that spoon.

Cutest. Chomper. Ever.

Very first bite!


She’s thinking about it.

Okay! She liked it!

I also recorded some of her reactions — she jolts and puckers and looks all messy and cute and stuff.

It’s not terribly exciting unless you’re me or her grandparents.

So…here you go, grandparents!

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1 Response to Alice Tries Apples.

  1. Kristina says:

    Soooo cute! It is always fun to see their first reactions to food!

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