Have Fun With Your Friends!

The way we “sell” preschool to Tom is to tell him he’s going to have fun with his friends.

I think he really likes school, but on the days he’s supposed to go he’s always saying he wants to, “Stay here and play trains with Mommy.”

(You should want that, too. I’m really fun.)

This week Kevin had to go out of town for a day for business.

“Tell Daddy ‘bye-bye’ Tom! He’s got to go to work,” I said.

And Tom said…

“Bye-bye, Daddy! Have fun with your friends!”


While Daddy was off playing with his friends, I took the kids to the park.

Tom played with a couple other little boys there, before deciding to take a break with me and Alice on the bench.

I said, “Are you having fun playing with your friends?”

And Tom said…

“Those aren’t my friends, Mommy. Those are just some other kids.”


Those poor kids.

They don’t know how awesomely hilarious it can be to be friends with Tom.

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2 Responses to Have Fun With Your Friends!

  1. redkeeney says:

    His smile is priceless.

  2. othervixie says:

    Amazing that he can differentiate.

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