Pumpkin Face.

We’re in full Halloween mode around here these days.

Tom is finally getting excited about being a dinosaur for Halloween.

For weeks after I made it, he kept telling me he didn’t want to wear it and he didn’t want to be a dinosaur.

Which worried me since I MADE IT!

But I think now we’ve come to an understanding (Me: “Dinosaurs are SO COOL!”) and I’m hopeful the costume will get worn on the big day.


Tom loves his “spooky stuff” and “Halloween decorations” with ghosts being his most favorite.

It’s kind of adorable and I’m so happy he’s understanding and getting into the spirit.

When Tom came home from school last week, he’d been “Boo-d!” by someone who loves him very, very much.

Oh, he was so excited.

He said it was from “The Great Pumpkin!” which I think is true.

He loved his little bucket and all the little toys inside.

But he really loved the filling paper that the Great Pumpkin had put in the bottom of the bucket.


One of the crafts inside his bucket, was some felt stickers to decorate his own pumpkin.

He wanted to do it immediately and was really happy with the results.

(As well he should be!)

I love that sweet, crazy boy of mine.

If you see him, make sure to say “Boo!” to him because he will erupt into giggles and ask you to do it “Again!” and “Again!” and “Again!” and it’s pretty much hilariously awesome.


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