I’m thankful for…

1. A wonderful husband who puts up with a heck of a lot from me. He’s a hard worker, a super nice person, extremely patient, a good father, happy almost always and extremely calming to me. He makes me feel safe and happy and I feel completely overwhelmed with love for him sometimes. I’m the luckiest.

2. My children. I’m honored to be their Mama and to watch them grow. I’m extremely thankful I was able to have them. I’m thrilled they were born healthy and have stayed that way (mostly). I realize what a miracle that is and I don’t take it for granted. They have changed me for the better and I just adore every single thing about them. Truly.

3. My parents. I can’t imagine better parents, actually. I pretty much try to raise my children like they raised me, because there really isn’t anything I would change. I love that they were so loving and supportive. They encouraged me, but let me figure it out. They pushed, but were there if I fell. They made me earn things. And now that I’m an adult, they are still all of those things to me. I love them and their wonderful advice. And I love that they love each other so much.

4. My sister. I have no idea what I would do without a built-in best friend. She is everything to me.

5. My in-laws. I’m so lucky to have married into such a wonderful, loving family. I’ve heard in-law horror stories, but I don’t have those. Mine are great and supportive and always willing to help. I love them all.

6. My childhood friends. I’m lucky in that I made some wonderful friends right from the start. I’m still great friends with girls I met when I was 4, 5, 6 and 7. Really good friends. I know that’s insane, but it’s true. I love that there are people out there who have *literally* seen me at my best and worst and I can still claim them as my friends. That’s being lucky in love.

7. My college/20s friends. I met several people in college, and when I moved to Atlanta they became my family here. (Robyn, you’re included here too.) When I think back on my 20s and every dramatic/embarrassing thing I was involved in, I just thank my lucky stars I had these friends standing by me. My. Lucky. Stars.

8. I’m thankful Facebook wasn’t a thing when I was in my 20s.

9. My dog. Huck convinced me having children was a good idea. Seriously. He was right.

10. Wine.

11. I’m thankful that I have truly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. Taking the leap to do it was the scariest thing I’d ever done, mainly because I wasn’t totally sure I was making a huge mistake or something. But it wasn’t a mistake for me and I’m so happy I’ve been able to do it.

12. My guy friends and their wives. I have some pretty wonderful guy friends who have stayed friends with me for years. Like…20 of them. And they happened to marry some pretty amazing women who have become some of my most favorite and trusted friends on the planet. How snazzy is that?

13. Our house. Buying a house was scary. I still mostly feel like I’m just “playing house,” but it’s been wonderful. My neighbors are great people who love my children and that’s been the best part of it all.

14. My grandparents. They all played a huge role in my life and I’m so lucky I was able to have them in my life for so long — including my grandmother who is still here. I’m thankful they lived (mostly) nearby and I was able to see them all so regularly and know them so well. I know not many people get as much time as I did/do and I’m truly grateful.

15. My mommy friends. They helped me is so, so many ways during those first months of me staying home with Tom and continue to do so today. Their friendships with us and their kids’ friendships with ours is just the best thing ever.

16. I’m thankful that women have the right to vote in this country and that politicians who say really awful and uninformed things sometimes don’t get re-elected.

17. I’m thankful for these wonderfully beautiful days we’ve been having. Sunny with highs in the low 60s? I’ll take 365 of them!

18. I’m thankful that you guys read my ramblings. I know that lately I haven’t been writing as much, but when I do write, you read it! That is so amazing and awesome and I thank you so much.

19. I’m thankful that we’ll be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our parents and siblings. That’s my favorite part of the holidays.

20. I’m thankful that we have found a great preschool for Tom and that he’s really loving it and making great friends. So happy!

21. I’m thankful that I have the cutest, smartest and funniest nieces and nephews around.

22. I’m thankful that I have finally gotten the hang of making our family recipe cheesestraws. Yay!

23. I’m thankful that both of my children love playing outside more than anything else.

24. I’m thankful that Alice now gives sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.

25. Starbucks.

26. Kevin’s job. I think he likes the challenge of it, and I know he’s doing really well with it. Awesome.

27. I’m thankful for our military, police officers, firefighters and other public servants and their families. They sacrifice a lot for very little and I’m very, very appreciative.

28. My teachers. I had some really wonderful teachers growing up whose lessons have really stuck with me. I hope they know how great they are.

29. I’m thankful for the doctors and nurses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

30. I’m thankful that Tom just came up to me out of nowhere and kissed me and said, “I love you, Mom.”

Happy Thanksgiving! LOVE y’all and hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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3 Responses to Thankful.

  1. Nicole says:

    What a great thankful list. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. redkeeney says:

    i’m thankful for you too! Have a great thanksgiving. We bold. Still. Love.

  3. Victoria says:

    We are all thankful for you.
    Also #30 made me tear up – that is just THE BEST!

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