Santa (Cry) Babies.

Each year our friends invite Santa over to their house and they take many pictures and give them to us.

Because they are the best friends ever.

They love us.

They don’t want us to stand in line at the mall.

And they want to be there to laugh at us when BOTH OUR KIDS GO TOTALLY INSANELY NUTSO.


Tom has never cried with Santa, so I knew he’d be great in making Alice feel comfortable.


Alice is really laid back and happy all the time, so I knew she’d probably do fine even without Tom’s help.


What I’m saying is…


With that said, we actually did have a great time, I absolutely adore the pictures and am so thankful for super patient Santas, friends and photographer friends.

The whole experience was…an experience.

So here are my children with Santa.

And to quote Tom, “Santa is scary.”


You can already tell this meeting is not going well…


I love this photo because it reminds me of Tom’s first Santa pic.


We tried to get him to sit on Santa’s lap.  No.  Tried to get him to stand next to Santa. No. So then we just sat Tom on the rocking horse and Santa went out a door, snuck in a door behind Tom and this is the photo we got!  Tom doesn’t even know he’s there.  He’s making that face because he didn’t even want to sit on the horse.  Ha!

Oh, and we also thought having him read The Polar Express with Matilda would help, but he stayed down there for maybe a minute and pretty much moaned about the horrible things his Mom makes him do the whole time.  His Mom is so mean!!

But The Polar Express trick worked for Alice!  Yay!

I think this is my favorite.

Or maybe this.

But really?  I love them all.

I love the crying ones.  The worried ones.  The calm ones.

I just love seeing them with Santa!

And one day, after years of therapy, they’ll come to accept that they love Santa too.


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4 Responses to Santa (Cry) Babies.

  1. Nicole says:

    And all you wanted was a picture 🙂 This was the first year we didn’t end up with a screaming Santa picture so there is hope! Love these.

  2. jen says:

    I love these so much!! My favorite is Santa sneaking up on Tom. Classic.

  3. brani says:

    I need a close up of that first one! It’s a perfect, “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis” face. I love it!

  4. redkeeney says:

    ha ha ha ha. This Santa is awesome! I love the sneaking up one, and I love that third one where Alice is obviously thinking, I don’t know who you are dude, but I don’t like you.

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