Fruit Loop Candy Cane Breakfast.

The other morning I decided Tom and I should make Fruit Loop candy cane decorations for our Christmas tree.

They’re super easy — just a pipe cleaner and fruit loops are all that’s required.

I was thrilled that he seemed really into it immediately.

He did really well threading the fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner.

He loved picking out and calling out all the different colors.

I was giving myself a major mama pat on the back!


He ate it.

Well, when I realized his intentions I quickly made him a fruit loop necklace hoping that would keep him from eating our new ornament before his dad could see it.

And it did help.

But as soon as his dad *did* see it — he ate it.

Well…he ate most of it.

He put the rest of it back on the tree.

So…if you see a pipe cleaner all bent out of shape with a few sad, soggy fruit loops hanging on for life on our Christmas tree you know why!

Come on over and check it out!

DSC_0010 (3)
This has nothing to do with this post.  I love it.

DSC_0017 (2)
Fruit Loop candy cane!

DSC_0021 (2)
I made one, too.  And I was proud of it!  And then Tom ate it.

DSC_0022 (3)
Hanging it on the tree for us to admire for about 30 minutes.

DSC_0024 (3)
The necklace that did not trick Tom.

Seriously, he makes me laugh so much.

Today he asked me to put more Fruit Loops on his sad, half-eaten candy cane that’s still on our tree.

Me: “Why?”

Tom: “I’m hungry.”

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1 Response to Fruit Loop Candy Cane Breakfast.

  1. Nicole says:

    The I’m hungry comment is classic! Love this.

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