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In preparation for ALICE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY (!!!), I decided to take a look at Tom’s “Life So Far” video that I made for him when he was turning 1 so I could do the same for Alice. I was watching … Continue reading

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Alice is a girl and she knows it. Seriously. Our house is full of “boy toys” and she goes for her toys every time. Baby dolls are her favorites. But she also loves necklaces. Jewelry! (Sorry, Alice’s future husband.) Yesterday … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Thursday.

Although we limit our children’s TV watching, Tom does watch his favorite shows quite a bit. Alice never watches it. Ever. Unless… Barney is on. Alice LOVES Barney. She loves that he sings and she dances to all the songs. … Continue reading

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Bits: What Did We Do Again? Weekend.

I am in the stage of life where I can’t remember anything that’s happened, I’m way behind on everything I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m all about planning for future parties/events. It’s really awesome. So the kids’ birthdays and … Continue reading

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Baby Mama.

Unlike her brother, Alice absolutely adores baby dolls. Tom loves stuffed animals, which Alice doesn’t seem to care about all that much right now. But babies? Alice loves the babies. Right now, the above is her favorite doll because her … Continue reading

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Alice Laughs.

A couple days ago Kev and I were watching Will Ferrell’s greatest SNL skits on TV. There was a lot of laughter involved. The more Kev and I laughed, the more Alice began making this funny noise. And then I … Continue reading

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2012, You Were Awesome.

Happy New Year! (Two weeks late.) Yeah…I’m catching up. We’re still trying to get our schedule (i.e. KIDS, GO TO BED!) figured out and until we do, carving out time to blog has been difficult. So I apologize that these … Continue reading

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