Bits: Belated Christmas Edition.

I am officially done with the Christmas posts — but then I found a couple more photos that I just had to document on here.


I know everyone is over Christmas.

And I know that here it was 73 degrees outside yesterday.

And I super duper promise this is the last one!

But…I just have to add these!

Here’s what was left…

Playing with Uncle Kyle.

Watching his “dinosaur egg” hatch!  He loved this.  A lot.


What?  You take naps with dinosaur skeletons on you too, right?


Helping Mommy take down the tree decorations.

Decorating a graham cracker train. (Please ignore the fact he’s on the counter.  I mean, what was his Mama thinking?!)


I thought I put Daddy’s new helicopter out of reach — but I didn’t think about the Dr. Peppers on the floor.  Man!

And that’s it!

Christmas is o-v-e-r on here.

I promise.



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1 Response to Bits: Belated Christmas Edition.

  1. Kristina says:

    That picture of Kevin is hilarious!

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