2012, You Were Awesome.

Happy New Year!

(Two weeks late.)

Yeah…I’m catching up.

We’re still trying to get our schedule (i.e. KIDS, GO TO BED!) figured out and until we do, carving out time to blog has been difficult.

So I apologize that these blogs I’ve been thinking about are only getting written weeks after the fact.

But this blog is my documentation of my kids’ lives, so there are certain things I just can’t leave out!

And talking about how awesome 2012 was for us is one of them.

What made 2012 so special?



This little boy grew up so much!

He started school.

He started really using his imagination in wonderful ways.

The things he said became hilariously funny.

He continued to show how incredibly loving and kind he is.

He became the most wonderful big brother.

No, seriously.  He’s the best ever.

And you know what else was awesome?


I had a daughter.

The most wonderful, beautiful, smart, happy, laid-back girl in the whole world came into our lives this year!

When I found out I was having a girl, I was stunned.

I never thought I would.

No particular reason for thinking that, but I just thought I’d have two boys.

So when they told me I was having her, I simply never really believed them.

And when she was born I was just…

Every happy emotion you can think of.

All of them.  All at once.

And it’s kind of stayed like that.

She’s so happy, loving, smiley and content.

She just brings joy to everyone she meets.

And seeing her with Tom has been all sorts of wonderful.

They are wonderful kids.

And seeing them together kind of makes my heart burst.

(In a good way.)

So what I’m trying to say is…

2012, you were full of all sorts of love.

Love I wasn’t expecting.

Love I couldn’t live without.

I love you.

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1 Response to 2012, You Were Awesome.

  1. Nicole says:

    What a wonderful year! Love seeing those happy smiles!

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