Alice Laughs.

A couple days ago Kev and I were watching Will Ferrell’s greatest SNL skits on TV.

There was a lot of laughter involved.

The more Kev and I laughed, the more Alice began making this funny noise.

And then I realized…she was laughing.

Her “noise” was laughter.

She was imitating us laughing.

In which case, our laughter sounds like a funny noise.

The whole thing was awesome.

And ever since that day, she’s continued to do it, but only if we laugh first.

So here it is: Her laughter prompted by my laughter.

AKA: Her funny noise prompted by my funny noise.


When I start to laugh to make her laugh, it’s fake.

But then her laugh actually makes me laugh.

What I’m saying is — there’s a lot of laughter involved.

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3 Responses to Alice Laughs.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Hilarious! Her laugh makes me laugh too.

  2. Kristina says:

    That is just precious!

  3. waymel says:

    Baby laughter brings tears to my eyes every time. Precious.

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