Bits: What Did We Do Again? Weekend.

I am in the stage of life where I can’t remember anything that’s happened, I’m way behind on everything I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m all about planning for future parties/events.

It’s really awesome.

So the kids’ birthdays and vacations will go well, but they don’t have any clean clothes to wear today.

Really, really awesome.


I know!

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with this blog, too.

I’m way behind on it, and now I can’t even remember what I was supposed to be writing about.

But I can show you all the stuff I have planned for our vacation IN THE FALL!

The good news is, I did take pictures this weekend…so I can sort of tell you what we did.

You and I will be going through it together, since I can’t remember.

Here’s how it looked…(I guess.)

Oh yeah!  Alice hung out and played with her friend, Sarah, on Friday.  Serious cuteness.

Alice loves to blow raspberries on the glass.  Obviously!

I wake Alice up from her nap first, then take her with me into Tom’s room.  He always wants me to “Put Alice in here!” with him, so I do because I don’t want any just-woke-up-meltdowns and it’s surprisingly sweet.  They both love it.  They play in there for a few minutes and then he hugs her too hard and then she screams for him to get off her and then we go about our day.  Just like a fairytale!

Now that Alice is mobile, she loves to pull down the baskets of cars and balls.  She’s so proud!

On Monday we met my sister and her family at the park.

OMGoodness — it was one of those perfectly simple and fun days.

I’m so happy we did it.

And I think it may have been Alice’s first time on a swing.

I wish I’d videotaped it because she just loved it and laughed a lot.

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She was so happy.

The rest of the day was spent swinging, throwing rocks in the lake, climbing the rocks and chasing the HoverDisc around.


I have had that HoverDisc for 10 years.

But it’s been hiding in a closet for at least six of them.

I’m so happy we brought it!

The kids loved it!

It’s like a balloon-frisbee type thing that doesn’t seem to mind all the total damage the kids try to do to it.

Matilda and Tom just laughed and laughed AND LAUGHED.

It was super cute and totally fun.


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It was a great weekend!

I’m so glad I remembered it.



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