Bits: Tom’s 3rd Birthday Party!

We had Tom’s 3rd Birthday party this weekend.

It’s still totally weird for me to type “3” as an age for Tom.


But it is totally true.

Since last year was a wee bit crowded at our house, we decided to have his party at Catch Air this year.

(And Kev said I wasn’t allowed to plan two parties within 6 weeks of each other because of something about ‘I get crazy’ and ‘Way too stressed’ and “Yell at everybody’ and whatevercakes…LIES!)

Catch Air is like an indoor playground/almost-amusement-park type place.

Doesn’t that just clear up all your questions?!

Basically, it’s a wonderful place where they don’t make you clean your house to have people over, so we were sold!

Of course, it totally KILLED ME to not be able to have a completely themed party at our house.

Especially since the theme I went with for his party (yes, I chose a theme anyway) was pirates and there are like a million gazillion ideas and products out there and I wanted them ALL.

I’m secretly hoping he wants another pirate party in a couple years and then I can convince Kev that we can have his party here and it will be awesome.

But the Catch Air party?

It was pretty awesome.

The best part (for me) was that they had a party person assigned to us and she SET UP our stuff, served the kids their lunch and cupcakes and then…CLEANED UP.

Yes. Someone else cleaned up.

*Hallelujah chorus*

I loved Tom’s party.

And I loved how much fun Tom had.

And I loved that all of his friends came.

It was the best.

Arrrrrrrgh you ready to see how it looked?


We come to Catch Air pretty often, but it’s super special when all your friends are here too!

Yeah, Alice loves it.

Dance party for Tom and his friends!  So cute.

Three year olds are very strong.

See that?  That’s a happy birthday boy.

Little boy in a big chair.

Lunch chaos.

Tom ate about two bites of his pizza before he just had to “visit” his presents.  And by “visit” he meant “open them.”

His favorite part…PRESENTS!  He seriously opened them so fast that I couldn’t write stuff down fast enough.  And I was writing in code.  An example is that I have: “Abbey and Ellie/Star Wars, blocks” and that is really not at all what they got him.

Checking out “Pirate’s Cove” which is a train set/pirate ship and the most perfect gift for him.  He opened this one about halfway through and wanted to take it out of the box.  I told him we’d open it when we got home to which he loudly replied, “I want to go home now!”

Cutest. Kids. EVER.  LOVE.

And here are a few of the decorations I could get away with…

We used the maps as placemats, but they are sold at Hobby Lobby as just map favors.  The little treasure boxes were also from Hobby Lobby, and the pirate’s hat was from Target.

Each favor box had a couple necklaces (Dollar Tree), some pirate tattoos, gold pirate coins and a compass, all from Hobby Lobby.

On the left, that treasure box had goldfish cracker snacks for everyone and then there were lots and lots of cupcakes.  And then lots more.

An up close of the cupcake.  I loved the little pirate ship toppers and cupcake wrappers.  I printed them from this generous person for free.  Isn’t that awesome?  I love nice people.

It was a really wonderful day and I was very, very thankful to everyone who came out and who helped me take pictures, play with Alice, locate Tom, load stuff in the car…it was just awesome and went so well.

Tom had the time of his life.

Both he and Alice fell asleep when we were still in the parking lot.

And then they’ve spent every minute since playing with Tom’s new toys.

Wonderful. Weekend.

Hope y’all have a good week!  LOVE.

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