Dinosaur Museum.

My mom came and stayed with us for a few days last week because my husband was in California for the week for business because he clearly doesn’t love us at all.

(Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!!  Also, I’m kidding!  Also, I love you!  Just way more.  Clearly.)

So anyway, my mom does love us and decided to come and save my sanity.

While she was here, I took advantage and took Tom to a place I’d been hearing about forever and had been really wanting to check out — Tellus Science Museum.

So Alice and my mom hung out at home while Tom and I headed out for our big adventure.

And it was a mighty BIG adventure.


This place is awesome.

It really, really is.

I think any kid would like it, but Tom L-O-V-E-D it.

He loves dinosaurs, and particularly the fossils.

We have a couple books about dinosaur fossils and museums so when we arrived and he saw where we were, I think he thought we were in one of his stories.

So awesome.

This place had dinosaur skeletons on display.

Lots of them!

And they were by far our favorite.

But they also had a whole section with a replica of the first airplane, a train, cars, bikes, motorcycles and space shuttle parts.

They had an entire section on rocks.  And a section where you could interact with games and magnets and learning and fun and…

You could dig for fossils (and take one home) and pan for rocks!

I promise I wasn’t the only one excited, but I was pretty stoked.

It was like hitting the jackpot for us.

Everything Tom really loves in one cool place.

What I’m saying is…GO.

We’ll probably be there, because Tom has been talking non-stop about it since.

We now play “dinosaur museum” at home.

And he asks to see the pictures I took with my phone all the time.

You want to see them, too, right?

Thought so.


I think Tom was a little intimidated by the T-Rex.   Also?  Tom really did know a lot of the dinosaurs’ names.  Because he is a genius for real. (Says his mom.)

“Take my picture right here, Mom!” –Tom

2013-02-13_10-40-34_417 2013-02-13_10-41-27_62
He was happiest when digging for fossils.  We did it twice.

2013-02-13_11-16-49_94 2013-02-13_12-07-02_291
The Apatosaurus.  He seriously couldn’t get enough of this one.  He was really impressed with how long his tail was.

Dino LOVE.

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2 Responses to Dinosaur Museum.

  1. redkeeney says:

    He loves learning just like his dad! so cute.

  2. Nicole says:

    This place looks awesome-thanks for sharing information about it. Glad you all had a great time!

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