Thank Yous.

We sent out thank you notes for Tom’s birthday gifts last week.


After I wrote them, I asked him to write “thank you” in everyone’s card before I mailed them.

I told him who each card was for, and then he set to work.

And he did a spectacular job.

He took it very seriously and thought it was the best thing ever.


And he loved it so much, that after all the cards were written, he asked to “write more thank yous!”

So I folded a piece of paper and he again set to work saying, “Thank you to Mimi!  Thank you to Rachel! Thank you to PawPaw!”


And yeah…he’s cuteness.

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1 Response to Thank Yous.

  1. Kristina says:

    Those were so cute…The minute Addison saw the front Addison said “Tom’s birthday at Catch Air!!”

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