Snowy Southern Easter Egg Hunt.

Today was Tom’s Easter egg hunt at school, and as room mom I got the privilege of hiding the eggs.

Which is a totally awesome thing.


1. It’s snowing.

2. Your baby is with you.

3. It’s snowing.

If those THREE things are happening, it’s not as awesome.

It’s really cold because of #s 1 and 3 and your arm gets really, really tired because of #2.


Have you ever tried to hide eggs in the snow (flurries) while holding a 20+ pound baby?

Then you haven’t lived!

But here’s the kicker — it was fun.

The kids were so happy and cute in their bunny-ear hats!

(Well, Alice was cute in Tom’s bunny-ear hat because someone (Tom) refused to wear it.)

It was kind of all sorts of adorable.

This is what an Easter egg hunt looks like in the south…

(Hint: We’re cold because it’s snowing, but you can’t see it. I swear it was there!)

Bunnies love Alice.

Aren’t those eggs well hidden?  It’s like you can’t tell the Easter bunny only had one hand to throw out the eggs with because the other hand was holding a freezing baby.

These smarties even found the eggs hidden in the ivy.  Man, they’re good!

Me: “Tom, smile!”  Tom: “My egg opened.  Look.  Look, Mom.  Look.  Look.  Look.  Look, Mom.”

Doritos may or may not have been used as a bribe to get this beautiful photo of Tom in front of the dishwasher with his bunny ears on.  Frame-worthy, I know.

So anyway, it’s nearing 11 p.m. and I’m still cold from our Easter egg hunt.

But it was really fun.

Happy (freezing cold) Easter!

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2 Responses to Snowy Southern Easter Egg Hunt.

  1. redkeeney says:

    it was snowing! I can confirm it.

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