Tom loves eggs.

Not eating them.

(He will eat the scrambled cheese eggs his Daddy makes.  Mommy apparently doesn’t make them right.)

But Tom loves cracking them.

And he loves his episodes of Dinosaur Train that are about dinosaur babies hatching.

And he loves nature shows that show turtles hatching.


So I was a little worried that maybe this wasn’t a good year to start dying eggs with him.

But, we did it anyway.

And he LOVED it.

He did a wonderful job and took it very seriously.

He didn’t really get the hang of the whole don’t-dip-your-hand-in-there part, but that’s okay.

Blue hands are really in right now anyway.

(So I hear.)

Want to see a blue-handed cutie dying eggs?!


Carefully dipping his hand egg in the “BLUE WATER!” because dipping wands are for sissies.

This is what happiness looks like.

Telling me all the colors.


So yeah, we don’t really eat boiled eggs around here and these are all still in my fridge if you guys are looking for a week-old snack.

(You’re welcome!)

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