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Bits: Around the House Weekend.

The month of April has been awesome simply because we rarely had any weekend plans. I feel like we’ve had weekend plans my whole life, so it was really nice to have entire weekends where we could get things done. … Continue reading

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Tom at 13 months old… Alice at 13 months old… They have a lot in common at this age. But the most obvious is that they’re both messy eaters. With a head tilt.

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

I love when Tom brings home artwork from school. I love to ask him about it and to see what he says. Last week, he brought home this: I love it and think it’s super cute. I asked Tom what … Continue reading

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About Alice.

Alice is growing so much. She’s still super cute, sweet, happy, peaceful and awesome. But she’s also showing us glimpses of her little personality. She’s sometimes very fearless. She’s sometimes very determined. She’s sometimes very fast. She’s sometimes very, very … Continue reading

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Bits: Rainy Friday Weekend.

We spent this weekend making a new playroom for the kids. But it’s not done yet, and I want to be all dramatic when I show you the end result so you think it was done in a day and … Continue reading

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Alice’s 1 Year Photos.

I love having photos of my children more than almost anything else in the whole world. I am so amazed by the truly talented people who know how to shoot photos so well. (And they are editing geniuses too!) My … Continue reading

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Potty Training Super Star.

Last Thursday I decided I would potty train Tom. In my mind it made sense since we’d be home for the weekend and he had no school for the upcoming week. The perfect storm of home-bound-ed-ness. So I went to … Continue reading

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