We had a wonderful Easter.

We celebrated on Saturday at my parents farm.

(The farm that has no animals, but lots of fun things.)

It was a gorgeous day and a lot of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there — which was the best.

And my Grandmother was able to be there too, because she likes to prove to everyone that she is strong and amazing.

It was just a beautiful day.

And my sister posted lots of cute pictures on Facebook and I thought, “I wish I could just copy all of her pictures onto my blog.”


That’s what I’m doing.

Here’s how it looked…

Tom really, REALLY loves the farm.  He seriously did every single thing you can possibly do out there at warp speed to get it all done.  One of the items on his list was to play with this remote control boat.  Not to be confused with actually getting on a boat and paddling around the lake.  Yes, we did that too.

My mom, Grandmother, and neighbor Judy.  That’s Judy’s golf cart and she generously let everyone drive it all around the property.  Ummm…Tom thought it was the BEST EVER.  He did it three times and then chased it down once when he didn’t actually make it on.  What I’m saying is…Grandmother is lucky she got a ride.

easter9 easter11
Kite-flying.  Is there anything better than watching children flying their kite on a beautiful day?  (Hint: No.)

My sister’s caption: “As Matilda runs off with the kite, this is Tom:
“Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy” Serious squeals of delight happening right here.”

Egg hunt time!  This year’s line up.

(Also? Tom collected eggs on his way to the line up.  Then when it was time to hunt eggs, he didn’t.  So awesome.)

Alice collecting eggs!

Yay, Alice!

Hunting with Grandma.

Gus found an egg and shared with Alice.


easter15 easter3
Tom found a BALL in one of his eggs!  No need to hunt for more.  He was DONE.

That’s a cute face.

Baby egg hunters.

Alice didn’t find the golden egg, but she *did* find a stick.  Go, Alice!

I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families too!  LOVE!

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2 Responses to Easter.

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s so wonderful to be able to celebrate holidays with family. Looks like a blast!

  2. redkeeney says:

    so cute! Also, in the first picture of you holding Alice I thought you were your sister… and then I recognized you in the second, so I scrolled back up to check outfits.

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