An Hour Of Tom.

Tom is hysterical.

The things that are coming out of his mouth these days are beyond awesome.

I want him to say more things.

And I want to be able to write them down as soon as he says them.

And I want to be able to portray to you what was happening when he said them.

But it’s been a little difficult because he honestly says something that makes me laugh constantly.

And I can’t write it down because one/both kids will want my pen, fight over it and stab themselves.

(Sounds dramatic doesn’t it?  It’s still true!)

But the other day I quickly wrote down just a few of the things Tom said in one hour.

One. Hour.

Just so you get an understanding of the level of entertainment I get to listen to every day.

Scene: Huck is sitting outside the closed bathroom door because Kevin is inside, and he wants him to play.

Tom: “Huck is sad because his dad is sitting on the potty.”

Scene: Random.

Tom: “When you get married, you wear underwear.”

Scene: Kevin forcing us to watch some show on PBS of a woman singing a love song on a variety show in the late 50s.  Seriously.

Tom: “That lady is sad because she misses her parents.  She misses her mom and dad.”

Me: “Oh, yeah?  Where are they?”

Tom: “In a cage.”

End Scene.

All of these made me laugh.  They make me laugh still.


Tom really loved that PBS show.

(It was kind of interesting.  Don’t tell Kevin I said that, though!)

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1 Response to An Hour Of Tom.

  1. redkeeney says:

    More Tom stories! I wish you could write them all down too because they’re awesome. Since I have no children, I will share a nephew story. Rebecca: “Jesse, your hair is getting dark.” Jesse: (quite seriously) “Yep, because I want it to be black. I’m making it black but I’m not done yet.”

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