Pushing Away From God.

Me: “Hey, Tom!  How was school today?”

Tom: “I got put in time out again.”

Me: “Oh, no!  What happened?”

Tom: “I was crying.”

Me: “Oh, you cried in time out?”

Tom: “Yes.”

Me: “But why were you in time out?”

Tom: “Because, because…I was trying to read a book about the Bible and God and Max was bothering me.”

Me: “What did you do when he was bothering you?”

Tom: “I pushed Max.”

Me: “Oh, no!”

Tom: “I just wanted to read about God all by myself!!”


This boy just wants to read about God ALL BY HIMSELF!

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2 Responses to Pushing Away From God.

  1. Nicole says:

    Well, you can’t get mad at him for that!

  2. Hill says:


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