Bits: Milestone Weekend.

This weekend we started potty training Tom, and Alice started standing up unassisted.

Because they both wanted A LOT OF PRAISE at the exact same time.

My weekend went like this:

Tom tee-teed on the potty!

“Yay, Tom!!  Great job!! I’m so proud of you!!”

*hugs, kisses and stickers given out generously*

–Two minutes later–

Alice stands up by herself!

“Yay, Alice!!  Great job!! I’m so proud of you!!”

*hugs, kisses and more hugs and kisses given out generously*

So this weekend?

I was busy huggin’ and kissin’.

Here’s how it looked…

Potty time!

Standing alone!

Pile on Daddy.

Ahh…it’s grilling out weather.  Or as Tom calls it, “I won’t eat my cheeseburger unless my roly-polys can watch me AT THE TABLE.”

That’s a cute face.

She’s helping me fold Tom’s underwear.  She was super cute about it, too!

Not to be outdone, Tom helped me mop.

Doesn’t she look really grown up and TOTALLY CUTE?!  I know!

Alice hung out at the park with her boyfriend, Brennan.

Still a cute face.

Hope y’all have a great week!  LOVE.

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1 Response to Bits: Milestone Weekend.

  1. Kristina says:

    How exciting! What a great weekend! The potty thing is exciting once they finally get it! Alice is just precious! Miss you!!

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