Alice’s 1 Year Photos.

I love having photos of my children more than almost anything else in the whole world.

I am so amazed by the truly talented people who know how to shoot photos so well.

(And they are editing geniuses too!)

My friend, Greg, always does our family photos.

But this year, Alice’s 1st birthday was happening right when Greg’s family was due to be adding baby #3 — and getting down to my hometown and coordinating a shoot around his major family event seemed — not easy.

So!  We got a local photographer (recommended by a friend) to do Alice’s 1st Birthday photos.

And we lucked out.

She was amazing and did a great job.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with them.

I would recommend Erin to anyone who is in the metro Atlanta area.


And if you’re in my hometown area (and you know who you are) then I’d recommend Greg!


Because he is awesome and I’ll be harassing him again soon.


Do you want to SEE how awesome the photos are?

Prepare to die of sweetness.

IMG_2973 bw



IMG_3194 bw

IMG_3277 bw


IMG_3375 crop bw

(Confession: I told myself to only post 5 photos. I never listen to myself. Such a rebel. To myself.)


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2 Responses to Alice’s 1 Year Photos.

  1. Kristina says:

    Love them! They came out beautiful! Erin is truly amazing! Alice is so adorable!!

  2. redkeeney says:

    the black and white one with cake on her face is my absolute favorite. So, so sweet and pretty.

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