About Alice.

Alice is growing so much.

She’s still super cute, sweet, happy, peaceful and awesome.

But she’s also showing us glimpses of her little personality.

She’s sometimes very fearless.

She’s sometimes very determined.

She’s sometimes very fast.

She’s sometimes very, very smart.

She is expanding her vocabulary every day.

Words she uses pretty often are: Bye-bye, bath, baby, thank you, Mama, Daddy, all done, outside, socks, bottle, diaper and apple.

She doesn’t say anything for Tom.

But she does say something for Huck — but it doesn’t sound like Huck or doggie.

It sounds like “Bergh.”

When she wants to go outside, which is pretty much all the time, she’ll crawl over to our basket-of-shoes, find hers, crawl over to me with them and give them to me.

When I take them from her, she’ll immediately point to the door and say “outside.”

(She has done this before with her jacket as well, but now she’s moved on to the shoes as an indicator, probably because we rarely need a jacket now.)

Genius, right?!

She climbs.

On everything.

All the time.


I seriously cannot turn my back on her for a second, because she will find something else to climb.

She climbs on tables constantly.

And I told her she couldn’t climb on her activity cube, because of all the stuff on top.


But she did.

And she was proud.

She loves to do whatever her brother is doing.

He’s gotten really into coloring.

Alice is also, really into coloring.


It’s kind of the cutest thing ever.

Alice puts anything and everything into her mouth.

It’s constant.







Plastic beads?


Bath water?

Of course!


She’s going to give me a heart attack.

She loves, loves knocking over Huck’s water dish and then sitting in the spilled water.

She love to empty our cabinets and climb in.


She loves to get this basket of apples and THROW THEM with all her might.


She loves to laugh, and I love to make her laugh.

Her favorite places to nap are in the car or on her Daddy.

She refuses to nap anywhere else.

She loves to empty all the clothes out of the clothes basket.

And to take all the trash out of the trash cans.

She loves to watch Barney, but that’s the only thing.

She loves to go on walks.

She loves to climb the stairs.

She loves to swing and slide.

She loves the sand box.

She loves us.

So much.

And we love her.

Just more.

Every day.


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2 Responses to About Alice.

  1. redkeeney says:

    I feel like I say she’s getting big every time, but she really is! She looks more like a little girl and less like a baby in every picture.

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