Bits: Around the House Weekend.

The month of April has been awesome simply because we rarely had any weekend plans.

I feel like we’ve had weekend plans my whole life, so it was really nice to have entire weekends where we could get things done.

Or not.

This weekend was like that.

A lot of getting things done and a lot of not getting things done.

And it was awesome.

Here’s how it looked…

Messy mouth on a cute face.

We are using a card table and our living room chairs temporarily while waiting for our new dining room table/chairs to come.  The result is that this little dude just totally chills out for dinner.  There’s now a lot of, “Sit up, please,” going on at our table.  But seriously. He’s the cutest little rule-breaker there ever was.

It’s a dinner party!

Super cool Aunt Robyn came to visit and had a cute-off with Alice.

We stuck Tom in a tree.  He didn’t really like it, so we made him stay in there while we took pictures.  Awesome parents!

Alice fed her baby a bottle.  Sometimes in her mouth.  Sometimes her nose or eye.  Whatevs!

And this happened.

You know.

Because a weekend isn’t complete until your baby dangles your chicken-themed tape measure from her mouth while picking out shoes in her pjs.

(But you knew that already.)

The weekend wrapped up with me, Kevin and Alice getting a virus.


I know you’re sad I didn’t take any pictures.

Anyway, I don’t recommend it.

Hope y’all have a great week!  LOVE!

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1 Response to Bits: Around the House Weekend.

  1. redkeeney says:

    It was such a fun visit! I’m pretty sure Alice won the cute-off. I loved her face when I first walked in… it was a slow… who is thissssss…. uh… don’t remember…think I like her… hey! I do like her!

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