Flooding Is AWESOME.

Hey, so…

Our house flooded.



We have a finished basement, which is where our master bedroom, bathroom, Kev’s office, our laundry room and another living room are located.

Our basement has flooded twice before, but for different reasons each time.

This time if flooded because it rained a lot and the drain spout on our gutter got all weird and aimed all the water right into our bedroom door.

So when I woke up Sunday morning, I put my feet in water.

(Good morning! Also? Boooooooooooo. Boo.)


The carpet-cutter-outer, dry-out-house people were here Sunday evening until 2 a.m.

Then they came back Monday afternoon and stayed until 7 p.m.


The kids don’t seem too fazed.

They’re just happily hanging out upstairs without too many questions about why we aren’t going downstairs.

But I did take Tom down Monday night.

And I showed him our bedroom.


I look at it right now and think, “This is a mess.”

Tom looked at it and said, “Look at all these big machines!”

“Wow, they are huge!!”

“This is so awesome, Mommy!”

“I love your room.”

Because when your house floods, and that is admittedly not awesome, hearing Tom’s take on it was just…


And then I showed him my new bed for the time being…


“You get to sleep with the trains? Mommy? I not want to sleep in my bed. I want to sleep with you.”


(But no. This futon mattress next to the train table is all mine!)

I’m totally in love with Tom’s opinions on this situation.

I see it as a mess.

He sees it as total coolness.

You know how having kids makes you appreciate all the simple things in life?

They also make you see things in such a different way.

I totally see how cool this situation is for him.

And seeing how genuinely excited he is about it makes me happy.

I mean, I’m not happy we’re flooded.

But I’m happy I have the kind of child who is.


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2 Responses to Flooding Is AWESOME.

  1. Kristina says:

    I am so sorry to hear about that Kate. I couldn’t even imagine. I hope things are going a little better now. Please let me know if you need anything! Love you!

  2. redkeeney says:

    Boo on flooding! But I could see how Tom might think it’s cool.

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