Mother’s Day.

Not only am I behind on posting things, but I’m totally going to cheat and pre-date this blog so it looks like I was on top of things.

Except now I’ve busted myself.

But that’s okay!

The thing is…Mother’s Day was great.

I’ve loved Mother’s Day in the past, but this was awesome because I got to celebrate it with Tom at his school the Thursday before.

His school invited all the moms to a “Tea for Moms.”

I had no idea what to expect, but it totally surpassed whatever I was thinking.

They had the social hall decorated for us.

We each had a homemade gift and card waiting for us.

And then…the kids came out and “sang” songs.


Pretty much all you need to do to make me happy is give me some awesome homemade stuff and then sing songs all cute-like with your tiny little classmates.

In case you were wondering.

It was the best, cutest thing EVER.

I love being a mom.

Both my kids are beyond amazing and I’m so lucky I get to be their Mama.

I love my Mom.

And I love my Mom-in-Law.

I’m a lucky-in-love person.

Very, very lucky.

My place setting.

Tom showing me my present.

A little box with his fingerprint art all over it.  I love it.  Like…a lot.

Me and my boy.

Tom and his best friend, Emma.

(Because Mother’s Day is a good time to remember he WILL LEAVE ME SOMEDAY.)

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Hey guess what else?


This picture is my Mother’s Day present from my baby.

I love it.

Like…a  lot.

Want to see 30 seconds of Tom not singing at the Mother’s Day Tea?

It’s awesome.

Because there is only one boy singing.

(It’s supposed to be the “I love you, you love me” Barney song.)


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