Field Day.

Tom had his very first field day at school on Thursday.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a field day for 2-3-year-olds.

But, y’all?

It was the cutest, most fun ever!

I loved the activities that were set up.

They had some water games, bowling, an obstacle course, bubble stations, and some bean bag games.

It was really cute and Alice had a great time trying them all out before the kids got there.

Tom had an absolute BLAST.

When we went home that day, he told me it was his “most favorite day.”


Here’s how it looked!

Alice hoarding all the duckies.

DSC_0063 DSC_0064
I *know* it’s all about having fun…but if we *were* talking about winning, Tom would totally win this!  He was awesome.  I hope there are some bean bag toss scholarships in our future.

Tom doesn’t bowl.  He throws the ball and knocks down all the pins and all of his little friends clap.  It’s hilarious.

Tom’s favorite by far.  Shooting water through the targets.  Or just shooting water.  Or just filling up those thingys with water.

He caught a fish!

This is part of the obstacle course — adorable!  We cheered him the whole way.

The obstacle course had little tunnels in between each of these running/jumping parts.  It was seriously awesome.

Bubbles!  Lesson: Never underestimate the huge hit a bubble machine can be.  The kids all hung out here for over 10 minutes.  (That’s a big deal.)

Hanging with friends.

It was a really amazing day and I’m so happy we got to be there!  (Kevin got to be there for part of it, too.)

And after Field Day that morning, we had his “End of the Year” party.

It reminded me of what the last day of school always felt like for me when I was little…

Super. Fun!!

And I’m so glad Tom got to experience that too.

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