Tom’s Last Day Of School

Back in September, I’m sure I blogged about how incredibly nervous I was about sending him to school.

I was not, in fact, convinced he needed to go to school as a 2-year-old, even if it was only twice a week.


It was the best ever.

I have loved his teachers.

I have loved seeing what he has learned.

I have loved seeing him mature.

I have loved seeing him make new friends.

And I have loved being introduced to this entirely new community of friends.

I was so bummed it was his last day!

I know we’ll have a great time this summer, and I know he’ll like his new 3-year-old class next year, but I just LOVED *this* class so much, and I’m bummed we won’t be with everyone next year.

(Tom is doing a 3-day next year, a lot of his classmates are doing a 4-day.)

But his last day of school was fun and just a great ending to a wonderful little preschool year.

Hey, guess what?  Turns out preschoolers really, really love sand.


Tom with his two besties!

These kids know I’m setting out Chick-fil-A for lunch.

Tom had told me that he was “starving” and he wasn’t lying.  All the kids gobbled up their lunch.  Apparently Field Day/Last Day of School partying is exhausting! (Yay!)

I made cookies and put fondant on top. I gave them each a food marker and let them go to town.  It was all sorts of cutes.  With a side of “everyone wants the pink marker.”

Ummm…anyone want a scary death cookie?  Anyone?

I loved her artistic take.

When we got home, Tom wanted to “draw the cookies” some more.  This time his art was a little less scary. (Whew!)

Tom had a wonderful time and his teachers were so super sweet!

He came home with a lot of crafts from his year, a book of the alphabet that he’d made throughout the year and a book of shapes and colors he’d made.  And on top of that, his teachers gave him a new sand bucket, sunglasses, and a hat.

He was thrilled and wanted to play with everything immediately.

He had a wonderful first preschool year.

And so did I.

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