Bits: Not Memorial Day Weekend.

I mean, it totally was Memorial Day weekend this weekend.

But I totally didn’t take a single photo.

Not even one that was lame so I decided not to post it.

I just…didn’t.


We had fun, though!

I’ve been going through a “clean everything! get organized! get rid of this junk!” phase and it’s been pretty awesome.

Maybe because our basement flooded and is still in sort of a disarray — makes me want to clean up what I can!

Plus, we’re planning on moving rooms around down there.

(We’re moving Kev’s office into the workout room and making his former office my craft room.)


All of that moving requires cleaning out closets…right?


So I’ve emptied out two closets downstairs.


I’m super proud.

(And thankful for my in-law’s basement, charities that come to pick up donations, charities who make it easy to drop off donations, and my sister for selling the rest.)


We visited with family this weekend and had an absolutely wonderful time.

I started making plans to have Alice Baptized.

(Finally! Also? Baptisms require a lot of paperwork. Did you know that? They do.)


On Memorial Day the kids and I spent the day outside playing with sprinklers and our splash pad and the water table and the baby pool.

It’s been pretty much the greatest weather ever around here.

I’ve loved it so much I’ve stopped checking the weather because I don’t want to jinx it.


We’ve had a great time — just hanging out and getting things done.

We’ve had kind of a low-key, simple start to our summer.

And you know what?

It’s the best ever.


(All photos are from today. Alice smiling at our neighbor. Tom digging up worms. It’s a great life.)

Hope y’all are in the middle of having a wonderful week. LOVE!

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