(Not) Caught Walking.

Alice started walking this week.

Like…for real walking!

So I dutifully got out the camera to start documenting it for the grandparents and LIFE MEMORIES and all that and then…

No walking.


Every time I took out the camera, she immediately crawled.

Acted like she’d never even heard of walking.

Said to me, “I am not a monkey who performs tricks at your whim, lady!”

(Very accomplished speaker, that girl.)

But today that all changed.

I caught her.

That’s a total lie.

She let me catch her walking.

And then she walked on demand, just like I’ve always wanted!

(Thanks, A!)

She’s the best!

So, dear grandparents, here is the video to top all videos!!

I give you…Alice walking.

(With a side of Tom walking in the end.  Double feature!)

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