Bits: Gus’ Birthday Weekend.

This weekend we celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday with a golf-themed par-tee — and it was AWESOME!

My sister and brother-in-law did an amazing job and everything was so perfect, wonderful and fun!

The kids just loved it.

(And so did the adults.)

Here’s how it looked…

This birthday boy is an amazing golfer!  I am not being sarcastic.  For real!

Golf buddies.

We’ve got to work on Tom’s form.

Beauty on the golf course.

See?  Amazing!  He hit that ball almost into the street!

Us. Plus Matilda.  Who apparently wished it was just us. Ha!

Alice made her own golf visor.  So talented!

Sweet sharing.

Happy, happy boy.

Yay, Gus!

We made him pretend to blow out the candles again so Rach could get a picture.  He happily obliged.

And then decided he couldn’t wait for a fork.

The birthday family!

We had a wonderful, wonderful time and I’m so happy we could be there and see everyone!

Hope y’all have a good week, my LOVES!

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1 Response to Bits: Gus’ Birthday Weekend.

  1. redkeeney says:

    So, so cute and I love Matilda’s face in the photo she didn’t seem too happy to be in – priceless! You are a family of cute.

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