Pirate Playdate.

When my sister started her summer break I immediately emailed her a list of all sorts of things I wanted to do with her while she was off.

She immediately agreed (of course!) and then we set about doing nothing at all on that list.

Then last week she told me that she was coming over for the pirate playdate I had suggested.

I was in my “It’s Raining!” funk, and so she did what only the best sisters do…

She planned it all.

She came over with her two kids and a basket full of pirate-themed stuff for our playdate.

And it was amazing and awesome and all the kids (and adults) had a great time!

Wanna see?


What they are doing is pirate-themed, but mostly what they are doing is looking super cute.

Tah-dah!  The kids used wet paper towels to stick the pirate-ship (bath toys) to our window.  They did awesome!

Baby pirate.

Getting ready for their pirate (nature) scavenger hunt!  (Pinterest idea — free printable found HERE.)

Baby pirate found a sword!

Gus was awesome at finding “pearls” (hickory nuts).

After the hunt and a busted knee for Tom, Rach read them “How I Became a Pirate.”  And then they watched the VeggieTales “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” on Netflix while they ate lunch.

And then they put together this super cute craft!  Adorbs!

And now…for the real reason we had to have this playdate…


(As the person who continues to live with this, it is HUGE.  And LOVED.)

I bet Matilda would make a wonderful pirate ship captain!  (Although, she may be too happy and nice.)

All the pirates!

He’s saying “ARRRRRRRRGH” on the inside.

Decorating the ship!

I see you.

Happy day!

We had the most wonderful day and I’m so happy Rachel planned it all.  Ha!  LOVE!

(Note: I got our pirate ship from a Zulily sale, but they have them on Amazon if you’re interested.  It’s sort of amazing and has lasted longer than I expected. xoxo)

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