Bits: Baptism Weekend.

Alice was Baptized on Sunday and she did amazing!

What was amazing was that both children sat through Mass and then did awesome for the Baptism afterwards.

It was a MIRACLE!

If her mom had been on top of things, Alice would’ve been Baptized when she was a wee one.

But I’m not.

So she was Baptized now.

And you know what’s cool about Baptizing an infant?

They can’t talk.

Or run away.

You know what’s cool about Baptizing a toddler?

They are highly entertaining.

Here’s what it looked like…

Kisses! At one point the Deacon was asking us questions to which we were to answer, “I do.” After the first couple questions, Alice got the hang of it so when he said, “Do you renounce Satan?” Alice, loudest of all, “I DOOOOOOOOOO!” So there you have it. Take that, Satan!

See how everyone is seated?  Not Alice!  The Deacon is reciting inspirational things and Alice is making a run for it.

Being Baptized.

Pretty pout.

So proud of herself!

Alice with her Godparents — Aunt Amy and my cousin Adam!

Alice and some of her grandparents!


Hope y’all had a wonderful week, my LOVES!

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1 Response to Bits: Baptism Weekend.

  1. waymel says:

    Your toddler renounced Satan. That is AWESOME. I might laugh about that the rest of the evening. And again, what a hilarious expression – her pout is pretty spectacular.

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