Is It Me, Or…

…is my husband totally unaware of what is happening around him?

My husband is awesome.

Amazing, fantastic and super funny and great and wonderful.

He is all of those things as a husband, and all of those things as a father.

He’s just…a wonderful person.

But, dude.

How come he is not aware of any of his surroundings?

Is this a new thing?

Has he always been like this?

Is he even like this now, or is he just messing with me?

Like…why would he not see/hear that I am working on something pretty important while Tom is asking non-stop for something to drink?

Instead of being the only person in the house completely enraptured with a Thomas the Train episode, couldn’t he like…GET IT?

I brought this up to him super kindly and he said, “Oh, I didn’t know.”

After my niece’s play today, Tom and I were talking to the girl playing Cinderella and out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice crawling up the steps on the set.

So I look for Kevin.

He is seriously looking up at…the rafters?  The lighting?  THERE’S NOTHING UP THERE!

Please get our daughter!

Like…what is he doing?

Or when I’m driving and I say, “Should I go straight or turn left here?”

And his response is, “Where are we going?”

OH. MY. GollyGeeMoses.

Is he…

A) Tired?

B) Interested in set lighting?

C) Enjoying the view?

D) About to get kicked in the shins by his super meanie wife?



See how he’s looking at that apple all cute-like? Well…HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE (PROBABLY).


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1 Response to Is It Me, Or…

  1. waymel says:

    Hilarious! I am often jealous of Wayne’s ability to tune out the chaos around us. It seems to be a gift God only gives to men.

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