Bits: Matilda’s Play Edition.

This weekend we went to see my niece, Matilda, in her first play at Athens Little Playhouse!

I was expecting their version of Cinderella to be wonderful and awesome and all sorts of cute.

And these kids and this performance did not let me down!

I can’t wait to go back and see more of their performances — it was just so perfectly great.

And Matilda — well, she’s a STAR!

She played a mouse in the beginning and then she played the part of a princess at the ball.

And she was just — the most perfect mouse and princess I ever saw.

She sang her little heart out!

Tom and Alice (and Kevin and I) just had so, so much fun!

Here’s how it looked…

Alice and I getting ready for the performance!

Checking out the program.

Matilda is the second mouse from the right — happily singing!

Alice posing with Princess Matilda.

Ha!  Not so sure about this Cinderella chick…

Posing in the carriage!

Baby princess.

He was so happy to be able to walk up on the stage.  Also?  I think he wanted to keep the flowers we brought for her.  Cuties!

After the play and lunch, we headed over to the  Sandy Creek Nature Preserve, which was fantastic!


Watching the bees.

Not scared.

This place was really cool and the kids just had the most wonderful time exploring and running around and pretending.

It really was all sorts of awesome and I would highly recommend it if you’re ever over that way!

The entire day was wonderful, and I was so proud of Matilda for doing such an amazing job!

Hope y’all have a great week, my LOVES!

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