{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

When we take our kids to the splash parks around here, they require them to wear a bracelet to prove we paid.

Like the kind they give you at dance clubs.

At least…like the kind they gave you at dance clubs in 2002.

(I have no idea what they do now.  Do they still have dance clubs?)

Usually I wear the kids’ bracelets on their behalf, but we went to a splash park recently that really wanted them to wear them.

So we put Alice’s bracelet on her ankle, so it wouldn’t distract/bother her too much.

Which is why she thinks you wear bracelets on your ankles.

Which isn’t a big deal, since she’s basically into wearing anklets.

(She’s so hip!  Wait, is it hip to wear anklets now?  She’s so vintage!)

But…do you want to know what else she likes wearing on her ankle?


If you guessed “Tom’s Chick-fil-A cow watch” — you are correct!

She looks like a baby parolee.

You know what is so hip right now?

Looking like a baby parolee.


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1 Response to {Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

  1. waymel says:

    Goodness, she’s beautiful. I just want to squeeze her!

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