Bits: Gym Weekend.

This weekend we went to a birthday party for one of Tom’s classmates at a gymnastics place — and guess what?!

My kids thought it was the BEST. THING. EVER.


I’m seeing some gymnastics in our future!

Here’s how it looked…

Happy girl!

They danced and did all sorts of movements to a super cute song with their “bats” flying through the air.

Tom and Emma LOVE.

Emma loves Alice and the feeling is mutual.  (Disclaimer: No babies were strangled in the taking of this photo.)

Cutest little monkey you ever did see!

Alice and Miss Ximena!

The group!

Why yes, Tom is the child with his hands over his ears on the right.

They took 10 photos.

Some were “silly faces!”

Some were “hands in the air!”

Some were “everyone smile!”

All 10?

Tom is covering his ears.

All. Ten.

Because he’s cool like that.


He really had the best time.

When we left he said, “I loved that place!”

And Alice walked the balance beam to show us that she belongs there.

So in the future, we’ll be at gymnastics class!

(Can’t wait!)

Hope y’all have a great week, my LOVES!

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