Tom Is A Fish.

I have a fish and his name is Tom.


He swims every day.


He L-O-V-E-S it.

Doesn’t it look like Kevin is dragging a screaming Tom into the pool?! He’s not. (Swear!)

This is the child who tore my top off in front of strangers to get away from the water during his first swimming lessons as a baby.

And now?

You can’t keep him out of the pool!

If you take him out, he will jump back in.








This little fish of mine loves to jump into the pool, jump off the diving board, swim underwater to you, and (obviously!) have Kevin throw him as high as he can.

He loves to show off his skills and tell me all about what he did.

He wants to make sure I am watching every thing he does in that pool — and it really is all very amazing.

I love that he loves to swim so much!

I’m thinking maybe we could convince him to give swim lessons another try.


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