Bits Of Our Weekend.

This weekend we had a wonderful time just hanging out, getting things done around the house, going to a birthday party and grilling out.

It was just one of those really easy, simple weekends that sometimes seem to take a while to roll around.

And I really loved it.

Here’s how it looked…

Tom said, “Can you take a picture of us please?”

Baby girl loves her Daddy!

Sometimes my kids like to fight over the vacuum cleaner.  Because…yeah.

Where’s Alice? I haven’t seen her ANYWHERE!

I didn’t officially find her.  She just decided to “peek” out and watch some Mickey Mouse.  LOVE.

This little stinker came to our bed at 5 a.m. Sunday with a bad dream.  He snuggled up next to me and went right back to sleep.  He’s never done that before, and although I felt badly that he had a nightmare, I kind of loved it.  This picture was when he woke up for good and told me he wanted to “look silly.”  Ha!

Hope you have a wonderful week, my LOVES! xoxo

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